Bryan Miller started at age 14 painting with his best friend's father.  He developed a passion for the industry and by age 19 he ventured out on his own to start Perfect Painting.  He started out with a 1969 Ford pickup, a paintbrush and a ladder and never looked back.  Today he has 25 trucks, several ladders and even more paintbrushes.  Perfect Painting has done several commercial and residential projects over the years.  Mr. Miller also owns Pro Built Homes and Pro Built Construction.  

Our Vision

The Perfect Painting Difference


At Perfect Painting we strive for perfection and take pride in our work. Our goal is to provide you with a positive experience. We meet with each customer and discuss their needs and try to work within their budget. After rooms and areas to be painted are scheduled with the customer, we begin our process.


We believe preparation is the single most important phase of painting. Our detailed exterior preparation includes: power washing, scraping, sanding, priming, complete caulking of joints and cracks, and minor repair of stucco and wood surfaces. Complete masking of all windows and careful coverage of plants and ground surfaces is a precaution taken. If it is an interior project, large furniture is moved and covered with plastic. Nail holes and minor cracks in walls are filled in, gaps in trim are caulked, stains such as water marks are sealed and washing is done where required.


Whether by brushing, rolling or use of modern spray equipment, our work is performed by professional painters. You deal with our professional staff who are eager to help make the painting of your home or business a pleasant experience.

We pride ourselves on cleanup of the premises with special emphasis on leaving your home looking like new. Furniture is moved back to original positions. Floors and carpets are vacuumed and swept. All garbage is removed and touch up paint is labeled and left with the customer.


Attention to detail assures you of a quality long-lasting paint job. Only premium quality paints are provided and applied. Quality of our product is never sacrificed by dilution or thinning of materials.




Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermpolis Wy

Interior and Exterior Renovations at 

      26 and 28 Denver Deadwood SD

Gillette City Hall - 2014

Crescent Electric - Gillette Wy

Crescent Electric - Casper Wy


Java Jae's now Coffee Bros - Drywall, Paint & Stain

North Platte Physical Therapy - Drywall, Paint & Stain

Longs Plumbing and Heating - Exterior Repaint

Harley Shop - Interior Paint and Specialty Coatings

5358 Hitt Blvd - Interior Paint & Stain Package,

     Floor Coatings





Our Projects



2306 Hillcrest Drive - Interior & Exterior Paint, Trim Package

2304 Hillcrest Drive - Interior & Exterior Paint, Trim Package

2302 Moonlight Drive - Interior & Exterior Paint, Trim Package

1806 Jordan Court - Interior & Exterior Paint

2412 Moonlight Drive - Interior & Exterior Paint, Trim Package

817 E 4th Street - Interior & Exterior Paint & Faux Finishes

4110 Lexington - Exterior Repaint

4112 Brorby - Exterior Repaint